Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Monsoons? In May?

Just a few weeks ago, it was Snowing in Gallup.
Now, roughly four months ahead of schedule, the Monsoon season seems to have arrived.
Make no mistake about it. These aren't the "Monsoon-alikes" that California and a few other places get. The moisture streaming up from the Gulf Of Mexico, that combines with some of the flow off the Pacific results in the same sort of weather you would expect in Singapore, Mumbai,
Bangalore and Hong Kong.
No complaints, other than the rising humidity makes every old injury my body has dealt with come back at once. Painkillers and an umbrella, please.


Rajesh Dangi said...

I Like it, simple and effective!

As a vivid reader perhaps you can add a blogroll to the page and look at post aday about what you loike in other blogs too!!


R.A. Levin said...

Thanks, Rajesh!
Got the blogroll up. If I could get something new posted every day, it would be good mental exercise....or a miracle. :))
Now that I've finally got a digital camera (albeit one of those mobilephone cams.) there should be a lot more interesting posts!