Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Abandoned Buildings of Northern New Mexico. Pt.1

Here we have the long since evacuated R&R Produce Company, located in West Maloney Avenue.
I've lived near the place for the past 15 or so years and it was closed then!
It's become less of a mystery in the past few months, since someone (probably from our local drunk community) decided to knock the front door down, resulting in the fine interior shots before your eyes.
The reference to the "Chili Ristras", is something confounding to non-New Mexicans. Ristras are wreaths made of Chilis, generally for the X'mas season. That would indicate that this Greengrocers closed down sometime in December of one year or another.
This shop must have had quite a variety of Fruits and Vegetables. The doors were probably shuttered when the owners came to the shocking realisation that nobody in town considers any plant matter aside from potatoes as a food source.


Anrosh said...

There are a few such in my neighbourhood too

R.A. Levin said...

Hi Anrosh!
The ones in U.C. are probably a bit classier than the ones here. At least from an architectural standpoint. :)
Goes to show that "rural blight" can be as marvellous to behold as "urban blight".