Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Dick Cheney's Blood Clot

This kind of makes you think of all that "heartbeat away from the Presidency" crap, doesn't it?
I'm not making light of clots. They're...ummm...bad and can kill.
The "Veep" doesn't strike me as a green tea and low-fat diet kind of guy. More like the pensioner ahead of you in the buffet queue who heaps half of his plate with mashed potato and white gravy.
The salad bar is for dirty hippies, political malcontents with a leftie bent, or other "nattering nabobs of negativism".
Rest assured that ol' Dickie has nothing to lose sleep over. He'll get a nice cushy adjustable bed at Walter Reed and never have to see the returning "casualties" from Iraq and Afghanistan. It's gonna' be the royal treatment all the way. Never mind that the troops are the ones facing the real
problems and won't be getting the de-luxe V.I.P. accommodations.
Unlike the rest of us....Mostly un-insured..... We actually get to pay his bill! Yeppers! That's coming right out of every good tax paying American's wallet. Finally, a health care plan Cheney can (literally) live with! The rich and powerful get this s#!2 for free.
All rise for the flag salute!

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