Thursday, February 22, 2007

I Remember Whatsmyface

It's been nigh on two months since I've put anything new on this bloggamajiggy.
The reason why is less startling than you would think. I have had nothing to say!
Bush is still a sucky President. The world is still as screwed up as ever. My life is still more boring than a film adaptation of Sudoku. ("Sudoku.....The movie! The challenge begins.) Now that Hollywood will co-opt my idea and make flipping millions, I can rest easy in my own happy little shack in the hills of Gallup, N.M. freezing my arse off because I can't afford to pay the gas company. ("Gas Company...The Movie!! The billing begins.")
But seriously folks... I should say "folk" in singular, since one person actually read this blog, once.
My life has been an endless stream of monotony. Work, eat, sleep, pet a dog, eat, surf the net. The dog petting is probably the most interesting bit.
I posted something about Green Tea with Jasmine awhile ago....... I still like that. Drinking a lot of Masala Chai lately, too. I still enjoy Cheese.
Haven't read any new books all the way through, although I did find a copy of the "Tao Te Ching". Eventually it will get read from cover to cover.
The local Goodwill (charity shop) has provided a great deal of listening enjoyment, through their occaisionally massive stacks of old gramophone records. You don't care.
Uhhhhh. Did I mention that I like to pet dogs? Maybe something about cheese. Uhhhhh. Oh yeah. I've done that.

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