Sunday, December 10, 2006

Finding bliss and not getting busted for it.

Hi, my name is Robert and I suffer from multiple addictions. Incense and Green Tea with Jasmine.
I first started experimenting with incense back in the early '70's and found out that I liked the sensation of a nice smelling room. Later I started getting into the "heavy stuff". High grade Sandalwood, various florals. It helps me cope with the ugliness of life, man. After a rotten day, the only thing that keeps me going is the thought that I can light up a stick, listen to some music and just tune out and turn on. I've turned into kind of a connoiseur with it. That's a big fancy French word for snob. I even have different agarbathis for certain parts of the day. Some strong stuff to start off the morning, something restful and flowery at night. Maybe a "woodsy" scent to get the right atmosphere for meditation or just to send my brain off to a happier place.
The Green Tea thing happened even earlier. Call it a "gateway drug" if you can dig it. I just get off on the flavour. No sugar or cream, man. It wrecks the experience. It's got Jasmine in it, obviously, which is also a component of many of my favourite incense sticks. You can burn some Sugandha Shringar and have some tea at the same time. I tripped out on that for three days running once. Thought I could leap tall buildings in a single bound!
I've tried Auroshika Jasmine (Purity) with some of the cha a few times. The first time I did that, the sensation was so intense that I literally had to meditate. I'm not putting you on, man! (wouldn't lie to a bud.) It completely rocked my world.
Not that I'm drafting (draughting??) potential addicts, but my rules on incense are pretty stringent. Stay away from the American stuff. Almost all of it is crap. The good sticks and cones invariably come from India and Japan. Thailand is a beautiful country, but I have to warn you about the incense from there. It's usually as lousy as the American product. The last thing you want to do is waste $1.25 U.S.D. on some stuff you got at Hot Topic or the music shop, only to find that it smelled like a cheap, drunk hooker.
There's some other nice things out there. Tibetan and Korean are cool.
Please follow my sage advice about this stuff, though and repeat after me. "The Indian and Japanese sticks rule! Buy American, and you'll think you bought a package of donkey dung."
Peace, out. I'm gonna light another.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I think this is very good addictive things you have :-)))
Me the same, incense, green tea, and many others as chocolate, meditation and the list is not over ;)