Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Another Blog I'm Enjoying

I think I'm becoming addicted to Bangalore Daily Photo.
Rajesh's page kicks my page's arse, like a Sumo wrestler sitting on a little girl!
I'd love to dazzle someone with the local colour, but when you don't have one of those wonderful 9,000 megapixel jobs, it can't really be done effectively. Gallup does have it's share of interesting sights. Tourists seem to love the place. I can't say that the feelings of most locals are totally reciprocal. Californians in particular seem to be the most condescending, arrogant t***s I've ever had the misfortune to meet. If I hear one more of them moan about the liberal approach to smoking in public, that we Gallupians treasure, I will duelly remind them that the first stringent anti-smoking laws in modern times, were written by none other than Adolf Hitler! Considering who these dunderheads elected as Governor.....well, you see where this is going. Jello Biafra was right! (Just a few years too early.)
But this post was originally intended to pay homage to Rajesh's page and not a soapbox to air my views of tourists, right? Okay. Fair Enough.
I'm sure that Bangalore has some not so picturesque areas, like any other major city. 9.2% of the crime recorded in Indian cities happens around there. There have been a few internecine disputes that got way out of hand in the past.
That doesn't stop Bangalore from being and looking like a VERY liveable place.
It doesn't look like it suffers from a dearth of things to do and enjoy.
That's definitely the focus on Bangalore Daily Photo. I just have a hard time not "right-clicking" on the pics, so I can look at them a few more times, or use them as a desktop background. Quite a few really nice looking ladies make their way into the shots, too. Mouthwatering food shots show up as well. Women and food........ Oh well, I like looking at both. :)
I've always wanted to move to Bangalore, since hearing all the good reviews that penfriends from India would send me, back in the old days. (Remember Snail-Mail?)
Daily photo has convinced me that the transition wouldn't be painful at all.
All I need is a plane ticket and a working visa.......

Namaskara, y'all!

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