Thursday, October 11, 2007

You Never Know, Sometimes.

Going almost stark-raving bonkers, since my happy Hippy Anarchist homebrew computer took a massive hit. The local mains supply is notably anarchic itself. 110 Volts, 220 Volts, whatever!
Blew up the power supply, fried the Mobo like a rasher of Bacon! It's in Compy Hospital now, awaiting multiple transplants.
I'm now, temporarily (I hope!) tapping away on the loaner laptop generously given to me by Patti, who is co-owner of aforementioned Hospital, until my trusty old friend can be brought back from the dead. Such is life.
So, where is the bright light shining, on the outskirts of "Bummerville", I hear you cry. Well, aren't you? Sorry! A touch of pre-varication on my part.
My Doctor had been nagging me about why I should have an assistance dog, for the longest time. I usually fobbed him off with one of my many excuses. "Too expensive to care for one properly.""Not enough room in the apartment." "I can't spend enough time with one to make them happy." "It would be a violation of my lease". He refuted that last one with: "I'll write up a prescription".
Little did I know, that my new best friend was puttering about, biding her time, until I gave up and said "Yes"
Rainbow, a Golden Retriever, Black Lab mix, has adopted me!
She's got me wrapped around her webby little paws and I can't do anything to stop it.
Not like I really want to stop it, though. I'm madly in love with this silly, beautiful, loving Pooch!
Now I'm off to get one of those "A Spoiled-Rotten Lab Lives Here" plaques to hang on the kitchen wall!

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