Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Why am I here?

Hmmm... I forgot already.
Oh yes. This blogging thingy. Like everyone else in the universe I decided that somebody, somewhere was interested in the constant stream of detritus that exits my brain. Now , rather than trying to educate the sofa about my thoughts on politics, entertainment, organised and disorganised religion, my favourite soap (Not opera. Actual soap) and what it's like to be a poor, semi-insane Anarcho-syndicalist Utopian fortysomething Hippie, I can instead, like magic, shoot my rants off into cyberspace. All free for the asking, as they say.
My qualifications for doing this, are about the same as Macclesfield's result after playing a friendly against Chelsea. NIL!
One note of caution. I live in your street and can see everything you do from my front window.
No. Not really.

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